Techyla with Gianni Parrotta

  • GIANNI PARROTTA :: Thunderground Records :: SHODDY LYNN :: TECHYLA :: FRANCO BENITO :: INGOCNITO : TECHYLA :: CAROLINE POSADA :: REFUGE :: GIANNI PARROTTA BIO - The tracking of the late 80s amiga and atari crackergroup scene brought him to create Techno tracks in his very own hardedged trackerstyle. So far, he released tracks on over 30 records & CD compilations on labels like Decomplex Audio, Deep Mission Records, Infectious UK., Thunderground Records and many more. Along with having tracks licensed by RICHIE HAWTIN for DE9 Closer to the Edit, his tracks have made it on the French and Italian Top 40 house charts. His techno track Spermafleck (1998) has sold over 70,000 copies.
  • Techyla with Gianni Parrotta - Flyer front