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    Atjazz, Matty Archer, Si Finnegan
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  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we are incredibly happy to say we are BACK! For a special Christmas party - Soul City is donning its christmas hat and pullin out the crackers for a night of deepness, soulful sounds, disco & boogie and all round goodness...yes indeed, the Christmas festivities start here! Moving to a new venue to get the Soul City wagon back on the road we have a crackin line up across two rooms. the bassment we have a UK deep house maestro, producer of arguably the best album of 2008 (Full Circle, if you dont already have it!) and hot off the back of his remix of Tone Control's new release "Passing Thru"...we present none other than Atjazz! Martin "Atjazz" Iveson moved from the North-East of England to the Midlands city of Derby in 1991 to take a position as in-house musician for the then fledgling video games company that went on to produce the massive 'Tomb Raider' series. Not content with sound tracking one of the world's biggest computer games, Martin's passion for music saw him set up his own studio and record label, Mantis, from which he could give a free rein to his personal music aspirations and giove other like minded producers to ability to do the same. Mantis Recordings moved onwards building a solid yet varied catalogue of releases, and the Atjazz albums That Something, Labfunk and Labresults followed. While tracks on his debut album hinted at a particular Atjazz sound, it was the latter albums that cemented his reputation as a world class producer with a distinctive yet diverse method to his sound, and making him an in demand producer, remixer and DJ. His brand new album 'Full Circle 'sees Atjazz working with a plethora of superb singers, songwrtiters & musicians taking his productions to another level. As mentioned, if you dont already have it, get it from here cos its a BANGER ( Alongside Atjazz we have our soul city residents Matty Archer and Si Finnegan....who will supply the tunes to make us groove like no we know no others can. Expect a proper head-down session of dancing, we are ready to hit it hard!!!! Upstairs, if that wasn't enough for you, we have the return, remarkably, of the king himself, louie. Playing a spread of soul, boogie and disco - feast your ears on his mighty return, plus some special guests to help him through the night!!! It's always good to be back on the dancefloor, but Soul City Christmas parties are extra special - so we look forward to catchin up with you all for a boogie. Cheers, Willy & Louie Soul City Christmas Saturday 13th December AtJazz Matty Archer Si Finnegan Louie & Friends Embassy Bar Essex Road, Islington
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