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  • Goody gumdrops mummy its nearly Christmas! And here at We Have Fun we hope you’ve all been perfectly horrid little girls and boys all year because otherwise we won’t be able distribute our sack of yuletide treats among you! Bosh bong messily on high! We’ve got Fingerlickin’s world famous legends the Drumattic Twins to give us a present we actually want for Christmas by regaling us with a medley of rich and filthy breakbeat bedlam! Anyone for seconds? We will be impatiently tearing away the shiny wrapping of Supertronix’s very own minx of the messy midnight mash-up mix Miss Max! Then we will be leaving a mince pie and glass of cherry out downstairs in the hope that hyper stylish Eddie TM's rated elect ‘n’ roll kool kid’s The Slips will come down the chimney! And we know yule just love beeps and beats of fun loving robot phat men the 9000! And that’s snow joke! We hope you like stuffing cos we’ve left enough room for the superfly stylin of scratchaholic Dj Ryo! And finally just when you thought it was safe to collapse in front of the Two Ronnies and fart in an expression of smug satiety we ask you to dance a merry jig to the sounds of the Three Kings of the Funderworld the We Have Fun residents DJs – AWE, Mr Bump and Hell Yeah!
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