Julien Chaptal Album Release

  • JULIEN CHAPTAL is undoubtedly one of the most creative artists in the field of melodic minimal and house. He first shot to fame as member of the famed Le Clic outfit, in which he, Noah Pepper and Aron Friedman brought minimal and house to new dazzling heights with countless gigs on every major festival and in every major club in Holland and abroad. While garnering critical acclaim on both national and international level, Julien became a member of the notorious Amsterdam 661 band, consisting of six hot shot producers and an equal amount of laptops that present highly exciting techno jam sessions. And as if two bands aren’t enough, Julien can also be seen performing solo, releasing productions of his own, holding a job as a teacher at the Rock Academy in TIlburg as well as presenting workshops about music production. Obviously the man doesn’t care much about sleeping, as he also has been working on his DEBUT ALBUM TOKENS, which has been released yesterday on the acclaimed Remote Area imprint, launched by famed producer 2000 and One. The 365Mag crew has been eagerly awaiting this CD, and one thing can already be said: it has been worth the waiting�
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