Subversive Records Launch Night

  • Venue
    Moho Live
    • Tib Street; Manchester; M4 1SH; United Kingdom
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  • Promoter
    Subversive Records
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    Body Rox Ft Luciana Kid Massive
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  • There was never any doubt that Subversive Records’ reputation was always going to be a strong selling point… preferring to stay well-below everyones’ radar for the best part of 15 years this fiercely independent label with deep roots in Manchester has got on with the business of quietly unleashing some of UK and the US’ biggest underground club records. From NYC house legend Cevin Fisher’s seminal The Freaks Come Out & You Got Me Burnin' Up! to landmark cuts from UK godfather Steve Lawler, US dance royalty Murk, alongside white-hot new recruits like Canada’s fast-rising electro-tech star Toby Emerson - all told there have been over 20 albums and 110+ singles, including 18 UK Top 40’s, 6 UK Top 20’s, a UK No.4 plus US Billboard Club Chart Number 1 & 2. The imprint’s name has been synonymous with quality releases for a long time in a genre where flavours-of-the-moment abound and the shelf-life of music itself is now measured in weeks rather than months or years. Subversive has always shyed-away from overt self-promotion, preferring DJ’s to carry the label’s message to dancefloors and clubs across the globe for them - ‘Self-promotion’s always been a question of taste versus necessity for us’ they admit - ‘we always knew we had taste - and the records we put out spoke for themselves so our ar*ses were more than covered!’ In what can only be described as a moment of pure inspiration the label was recently invited to promote at one of Manchester’s best new clubs by Embrace frontman, The Aftershow founder and habitual music entrepreneur Danny McNamara - the venue also just happens to have the best sound and lights for its size than any other in the region by the way - and the only club in the heart of the buzzing Northern Quarter (the city’s boho leftfield community) Moho Live. (New York has SoHo and Manchester has Moho - Mancunian, bohemian, louche and rather self-indulgent...) This will become the epicentre of a thoroughly northern night out throughout 2009, featuring two rooms, a great stage area and layout and is ideally-suited for putting on an unforgettable inaugural gig such as this, headlined by UK mega-electro act Bodyrox ft Luciana Caporaso. They’ll be belting out major hits such as the Ivor Novello nominated Yeah Yeah (UK Number 2) and their new track What Planet You On? as well as some of Luciana’s recent vocal collaborations with Mark Knight, Taio Cruz and Martijn ten Velden, with back-up on the decks from Denmark’s highly-talented electro-maestro and Audiodamage label founder Ben Pedersen aka Kid Massive - a force majeure as DJ and producer currently, with a number of big tracks out including Get Busy and I Don’t Want To Be A Freak. Local resident and Movida Corona winner Mark Foster brings-up everyone’s (by now) ample rears - he’ll be on warm-up duty for Kid Massive and after the Bodyrox set taking-over the small room, capacity 200 - or thereabouts. (For those of you that hadn’t made the connection yet - both Kid Massive and Nick Bridges from Bodyrox have remixed for Subversive recently and are thus now part of the extended/adopted family!) “We do tend to keep our heads down,” says label boss Martin Fisher, “it's an old Northern serf trait based in the idiom that if you stick your head too far over the parapet - whether polishing maniacal egos, forgetting the importance of true friends or losing your ears/soul to the X-Factor culture - you'll either get it shot-off or fall over the battlements into the murky moat of mediocrity. But it's our 15th anniversary next year so I guess it's gotta be done - marker in the sand 'n' all that!” So, these unassuming Subversive disco-dons will finally be showing their true colours, aiming to put on a monumental first show that Manchester can be truly proud of. Through 2009 the Subversive night at Moho will be on the first Thursday of each month - bringing some of the World’s best DJ’s to the heart of the city, starting on February 5th (featuring the biggest touring DJ phenomenon in Asia, DJ Top100 Poll’s fastest riser and hailing from West Yorkshire - Ricky Stone), but to fire things up they’ve chosen Sunday 28th December for the big kick-off. Their rationale is that by then everyone will have re-digested their turkey at least once, fallen out bigtime with their family, and be just itching to get right back out there and shake it up some! In that post-prezzy fug, that opaquely somnambulant window ‘twixt Xmas and New Year, lies a perfect late stocking filler-cum-pre-NYE’s warm-up for any Mancunian socialite or synchronous socialist worth their sea salt and cracked black pepper pretzel twists… grab hold of this great city’s newest club addition and pull yourself a regular cracker for 2009...
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