Complot And Danksoul present [a]pendics.Shuffle, Inkwell & Dafluke

  • Complot records and Danksoul recordings are both proud to present a very special night of techno music. Line up: [A]PENDICS.SHUFFLE [Adjunct, Orac, Mo's Ferry | Los Angeles] Live PA Kenneth James Gibson is a man of many personas. Keeping up with him can be a time consuming, yet rewarding venture into sound. As soon as you think you know him and can grasp whats going on, he puts on yet another mask and becomes something else. Always a surprise and never a let down, he gives us what we want but dont expect. A rare stone in todays musical climate, Ken is rolling and collects no moss. Kens first recordings were as the guitarist, singer, part time keyboardist and producer of the 90s indi rock band Furry Things. He slowly grew tired of being in a band and started producing a slew of electronic mish mash on his own as Eight Frozen Modules. Starting out with a guitar, half broken sampler (given to him by King Coffee of the legendary Texas band The Butthole Surfers), a drum machine, borrowed synths and a four track, Ken laid down an off kilter mix of electro, abstract hip hop, dub and techno. In 1997, Ken moved from Austin Texas to the big city of Los Angeles, California. After releasing a few records as Eight Frozen Modules on various labels such as Trance Syndicate and City Slang, he gave up the 4 track and guitar for a desktop computer and software. While taking a few years off from releasing music, he learned how to create a new world in the land of computers. After 3 years of not leaving his padded studio cell, he resurfaced with the 2001 Eight Frozen Modules CD Random Activities and Broken Sunsets, a mix of glitched out electro, techno, and idm for the LA label, Phthalo. Since then, he has also released music under the names [a]pendics.shuffle, The Premature Wig, dubLoner, Electronic Music Composer, Reverse Commuter, Bal Cath, Hiss and Buzz (with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto), and most recently as Kenneth James G., and KJ Gibbs for labels such as Mo's Ferry Productions, Adjunct, Resopal, Floppy Funk, Underl_ne, Orac, Mille Plateaux, Planet-Mu, Proptronix, Disco Inc., and Sunset Diskos....just to name a few. When Kenneth isn't in the studio reeking havoc on his neighbors, he is touring the world playing his music for the crazy kids late at night. Ken lives in Los Angeles, California and co-runs the label Adjunct, a forward thinking abstract techno label releasing such artists as Mikael Stavostrand, Sutekh, Franco Cinelli, and Peter F. Spiess INKWELL [Danksoul, Archipel | Vancouver] Live PA In 2004, cinch (Cam Smith) and litewait (Ryan Trann) met while studying audio engineering at the Art Institute of Vancouver-Burnaby. They became friends and created “Inkwell”, a product of two minds from vastly different backgrounds. The two bring their musical flavours together to produce a unique combination of techno and house; aggressiveness and subtelty. Rocking homemade gear in their live performance, these two Canadians are involved in all aspects of techno production. Truly jacks of all trades, you’ll find them designing sounds, hardware, and software, all as a means to an end; a seriously bumpin’ dancefloor. Minimal Techno is the backbone of their set, but it often veers in other more diverse territory without warning. Their spontaneity and improvisation when playing live, provides for a unique experience each time and the energy they put forth on stage translates to the studio effortlessly. Their productions vary, mixing genres and ideals, but in the end it always comes out sounding fresh and clean. Based in Vancouver, they’ve been performing in and around western Canada since 2006 as a part of the Danksoul Recordings crew, with whom they release with. DAFLUKE [Complot, Sushitech, Archipel, Siteholder| Vancouver/Montreal] DJ Set Producer & co-founder of the Complot label with partner Mossa, Dafluke (Lucas Granito) has been keeping busy with his own productions, in addition to DJ and live gigs. Originally from Montreal's minimal house scene and Mutek veteran, Lucas moved to the west coast in '05 where he played gigs in L.A., San Francisco and more recently, Vancouver. Extracting from hip-hop, minimal techno and deep house, Dafluke has created a sound essentially unique and endearing, but also energetic and captivating. His tracks have been played and charted by a variety of DJs such as Josh Wink, Mike Shannon, Mossa, Frankie, Laurent Garnier, Pheek, Someone Else, Prinz, and others. JESSE BRU [Danksoul] DJ set SCOTT WOODWORTH and BRON [Danksoul] DJ Set Visuals by Bentmatter 20$ ..more after 1 doors open at 11pm
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  • Complot And Danksoul present [a]pendics.Shuffle, Inkwell & Dafluke - Flyer front