Rough Disko with Kanji Kinetic

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    Kanji Kinetic (Rag n' Bone/Electrostimulation), Rough Disko resident DJs
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  • South Yorkshire duo SQUIRE OF GOTHOS represented in November by bringing the rave power of the squat to the club. They threatened to tear everyone present a new a-hole armed with wifebeater, a mic, a danger mouse suit and hob nail boots made out of bassline. If we hadn’t got our booking heads on early we’d still be reeling. Fortunately for our next trick, we’ve roped in the leader of the South London pack, “dedicated bass motherf**ker” KANJI KINETIC. Along with the likes of Rustie, Toddla T, Raffertie and Mowgli, Kanji’s been merrily seizing the least wholesome ingredients from the larder and boiling them down to a thick stew of purest BASS that’ll rattle the innards of anyone ingesting it. If you’ve not already locked on, check his deservedly-hyped mix for NLLR, rinsing through fresh bassline, pumped up ghetto house, grime, dubstep and even R’n’B, all spliced together with a raw jump-up attitude. Kanji first made our tune radar go off when his tracks and remixes became blazing hot property on the blogs earlier this year. Finding a suitably sickening lair on Rag & Bone, trusty pushers of grimey, f**ked-up sublow, he dropped the “Shock Tactics” 12” in September. Grabbing the baton from label-mates NoYeahNo and Warlock, the EP takes an “unhinged joyride round the estates of Bassline, Dubstep, Grime and fresh as fook 'ardcore for a perfect blend” that Boomkat reckoned “readers of the Daily Mail will be bang into”. With further props from the NY's Trouble and Bass crew, Mary Anne Hobbs and Radioactive Man, we polished the blower and got our boy involved. Ably making up the numbers as ever will be your Rough Disko residents Jimpotent, Gag Reflex and The London Wicker, bringing dancefloor heat, from ghetto-tech to Italodisco. This will be the only chance you get to catch Kanji in a small Sheffield venue before he explodes. And your last dose of RD for 2008. Ready? Ready. Let's Go… We play: jackin' house, electro, wonky techno, bootybass, baile funk, B'more, italo
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