Robots & Sneakers

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    R.A the Rugged Man, USM, DJ Seoul, Kero, Blue le'goon, Darkcube, E-spleece, kas solo, rising sunz, ergot & the 37th shield.
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  • this event will consist of underground hip hop, electro, drum & bass & dubstep/idm. and obviously the main headliner the rap legend r.a the rugged man. thier will be a live graff demo from fel 3000 of the cold fusion crew, then his piece will be auctioned off at the end of the night. thier will be skate ramps consisting of funboxes, mini rails, and launch boxes. also a urban toy demo from kid robot, and a sneaker demo from the sneaker pimps.
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      $10 b4 12 $15 after
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