Dark Audio Free Launch Party - The Recession Session

  • Venue
    93 Feet East
    • The Old Truman Brewery, 150 Brick Lane; Shoreditch; London E1 6RU; United Kingdom
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    • 5
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    Line Up: Dessben (Offaudio Madrid) Laura Heath (Variance) Makai (Product Nottingham) Credible (Buoyancy Bristol) Dave James (Freq! / i-Dj Magazine 'One To Watch') Amir Groove (www.pushfm.com) Ross Warm (Brown Recordings)
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  • Hello music people! A bit of background information here... www.darkaudio.co.uk is an audio hosting and networking site for DJ's. We created the site in 2006 as a portal to store and share our own mixes, but then decided to make it freely available for other DJ's to use. 2 months ago we launched v2.0 with new functionality and features. Since the launch of the site we've received some genuinely brilliant mixes from some very talented DJ's. The dark audio Free Launch Party is a real life (yes real life!) networking event designed to showcase their talent. We've all got a bit bored of paying big money to watch big name DJ's play bad music over bad sound systems, so the focus of this event is on music policy and sound quality. But for free. If all goes to plan the sound system will be fired up at 4pm on the Saturday afternoon with a Deep House vibe through to Techno, ending at 2am on the Sunday morning. This event will be hosted in the private hire area of 93feeteast, not the main room. It comprises of 3 rooms and a terrace that resemble a kind of haunted country house look. We'll be installing our own 12K Funktion One system. Entrance is through a side door. Please email [email protected] for the entrance password (after the 10th of January). Visuals from Hayden Bannochie, RCA Photography from Edward Knowles, Goldsmiths. Hope to see you there bright and early on the Saturday afternoon! To listen to or download mixes from any of the artists playing at the event click the following link: http://www.darkaudio.co.uk/index.php?artid=454&traid=1052&events=1&
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