Gypsy Dub Sound System

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    Gypsy Dub Sound System (Syd) + DJs bP, Russian Disko, Vulk Makedonski
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  • GYPSY DUB SOUND SYSTEM make their debut in Melbourne after establishing themselves as the electronic gyp heads of Sydney town... Whenever & wherever Uber drops a Gypsy Balkan gig the hordes come out... combining this with the intimate atmosphere of Melbourne's top Gypsy bar, we should be in for a corker! Gypsy Dub Sound System: Merchants of the sublime Gypsy-scape... Gypsy Dub incorporate Eastern European and electronic composition, combining Bulgarian strings, traditional brass and the skankin riffs of a reggae guitarist. A favourite of the Uber Lingua summer series of 2006/07 and G&B Bashes, GDSS has grown out of a search to bring the passion, excitement, skill and juice of European music into a fat and funky club and festival context. Also playing are Melbourne DJs Vulk Makedonski (who may also jump up on the mic), Russian Disko and bP Volk Makedonski: Melbourne's own Macedonian main man Volk Makedonski (front man & MC in Curse of Dialect) drops one of his legendary sets of proud music from the region... He may even pick up the mic we've provided and see what mother tongue raps come out! Russian Disko (Melb): Russian Disko is a member of the Ang Fang Quartet and has a vast array of eastern euro music... a special interest in Ruski Disko gets him into trouble on occasion... bP: With cultural diversity his primary passion, Australian DJ/producer 'bP' (Brendan Palmer) has been representing the musically 'not so represented' for nearing two decades. He has wandered the world gathering sounds and has performed in places as diverse as Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, London, Tijuana, Mexico city and Helsinki to name a few... In 2004 he launched Uber Lingua and his sonic activity has grown exponentially playing literally hundreds of gigs and promoting culturally charged music in most capital cities of Australia. bP's sets traverse language, culture, genre, history and social scenes; deliberately defiant of mainstream music fashions, he presents an intersection of underground and outernational sounds that capture his imagination. Roots to Futurism, East to West, Minimal to Maximal are all sonic stops on bP's translingual express. Brendan additionally works as a producer at the legendary Melbourne radio station Triple R during the day and presents the weekly 'Dialectic' radio program on the web and Tasmania's Edge Radio and nationally via the Community Radio Network satellite...
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