P L 0 T & Airdrop present Extraction Compilation Release

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    Elon [Clink / Dumb Unit] Tanner Ross [Dirtybird / Mothership] Soul Clap [Airdrop / Mental Groove] visuals by: VideoMeetsRadio
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  • Extraction is a series of compilations that travel the world, uniting emerging and recently established electronic music artists from a given country or region. AirDrop’s primary goal has always been to elevate the status of the artist and this project aims to do just that. Gathering the talented artists from a different region allows to promote their work to other parts of the world where the artist might not be as recognized, hence showing what that particular scene is really about. Extraction began in Argentina where the scene is considered to be one of the most rapidly growing locally and internationally. In recent years, many of the greatest electronic music artists have come from the beautiful Argentine land (Dilo, Gurtz, Franco Cinelli, Fase Miusic Sender, Barem, Seph). As a result of the time spent there by the Airdrop crew, the relationships they made and the desire to share with others, Extraction was born. Once Airdrop completed Extraction Argentina with great success and received reviews from the worldwide electronic music community, they decided to continue to grow the concept with the same intentions as when they first began the project. Thus, they decided to begin Extraction US. This new volume of the compilation, unites on a same CD the following talents: Alland Byallo, Crazy Larry, J.Phlip, Nicolas Jaar, Elon, Soul Clap, Pat Fontes, Stefny, Marcel Wave (aka Tanner Ross), Memek, and Connie. :: Elon http://www.djelon.com/ http://www.djelon.com/www.myspace.com/elonny It did not take Elon a long time to go from being a DJ to one of the most sought after emerging producers of the US scene. Elon fused his instrumental background, guitar and bass, with innovative sound engineering to create an unmistakable sound: splattered reverb and juicy metallic swing. He calls it “post minimal”! His productions have been released on major labels such as Clink, Dumb Unit or Made to Play. Tanner Ross http://www.myspace.com/tannerrossbeats Tanner is just one of those super-producers. He has an ear like no other, has developed his own unique styles, and keeps everyone waiting to hear what's next. Tanner has different aliases depending on his musical mood: his Voodeux moniker translates a super dark spooky stripped down techno sound, while the name Marcel Wave is characteristic of a sunnier and somewhat deeper atmosphere. Currently finishing his degree at the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, this has not stopped Tanner from finding time to release EP’s for some of the most respected labels: Dirtybird, Mothership, Freerange, and soon Spectral. Tanner has played along many of the most talented artists in the US, such as Matthew Dear or Claude VonStroke. Soul Clap http://www.soulclap.us/ http://www.myspace.com/soulclap By harnessing the past Soul Clap looks to the future, with forward thinking productions and remixes, creative DJ sets and some of Boston's best dance music events. Each summer they organize the highly praised Dancing On The Charles and, every Wednesday they host Midweek Techno, Boston's longest running techno night. Soul Clap released their first two vinyl records on AIRDROP, The Giraffe and die Ente, receiving remixes by Franco Cinelli and Tanner Ross respectively. With remixes coming out on Mental Groove, Fade and OM Records and with their new "Puppycrak" EP on AIRDROP (featuring a remix by Mikael Stavöstrand) you will keep hearing about them. Always pushing new boundaries, always traveling through time and space, Soul Clap truly is the Great White Hope. :: http://airdrop.com/ http://theevanhood.com/ http://www.whiteroommiami.com/ :: Upcoming December 5th Art Basel Weekend: No Regular Play http://www.myspace.com/noregularplay live :: http://utterprodukt.com/music/THE_SET.mp3 Mikael Stavöstrand http://www.myspace.com/mikaelstavostrand live :: http://sunset-diskos.com/mixes/Mikael_S ... ergate.mp3 Shaun Reeves http://www.myspace.com/shaun_reeves mix :: http://media1.wolflambmusic.com/mp3/092 ... f_lamb.mp3 :: bringing u the sound of tomorrow: PL0T ?
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