Barraca Music Label Launch Night

  • Budweiser Clubbing Experience presents on Saturday November 29th, the extra special launch night of the Barraca Music label. With 43 years of history, Barraca has undergone many changes through the years but the spirit has always been the same, renewed from generation to generation. The label of Barraca is the latest great project of the famous club. Barraca Music aims to support of all the excellent musical artists that have crossed our floors and to also provide a platform for our resident artists to showcase their natural talents. Hence the first release 'Points', created by the institution of Barraca for over ten years, Danny Fiddo, and producer, Affkt. So please come and join us for this very special Saturday to get a true taste of what is happening in Valencia at this very time, 21st century electronic music with a prominent Mediterranean flavor
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      9€ before 2:00, 12€ after, without flyer 15€.
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