Korrupt : Boy 8 Bit, Nick Hook, Jubilee

  • Korrupt is back. We are throwing the dance party in our favorite little spot - a Chinatown Mini-Mall tucked under the Manhattan bridge. For those who couldn't make it last time, check out the party we threw with the Retro Kidz (shout out to NEEEEEEW POP). Video here: http://www.thenewpop.com/nyc-details.php?cid=249 To help us get korrupted, we are bringing in some of our favorite DJs. Boy 8 Bit, who has been running around with Diplo and the Mad Decent crew, will be slinging his crazy arcade-electro jams. His sets are glitchy, dirty, and out-of-control. Nick Hook comes in to keep things classy, and then Jubilee taking us home with her 4am face-melting sets. But you can't have Korrupt without a little organized grime. So grab your "Korrupt dollars" at the door and splurge on treats and surprises all night long - Lychee cocktails, erotic visuals, live performances, and an open Asahi bar until supplies last (read: midnightish). Three different types to keep you toasted: Asahi Super Dry - Dry beer Asahi Select - Amber beer Asahi Kuronama - Black beer :: Built by MeanRed, Good Peoples :: Hosted by Bijules, Hugmode, Najy 11pm-4am 88 Palace // 88 East Broadway (Dim Sum Restuarant on 2nd fl of minimall) $10 w/ RSVP to Iamkorrupt.com
  • Korrupt : Boy 8 Bit, Nick Hook, Jubilee - Flyer front