Killekill: Jerusalem-Berlin

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    Gebrüder Teichmann (Disko B, TT/Berlin) Jeff Samuel (Pokerflat, Spectral/Berlin) Falko Brocksieper (Substatic/Berlin) Dj ANNA (Pacotek/Jerusalem) Dj Soussanna (Pacotek/Jerusalem) DJ Flush (killekill/shitkatapult) Frank Bean (killekill) Live: Glitterbug (C.Sides/Jerusalem, Cologne) + live visuals by Ronni Shendar Basteroid (Areal, IRR/Berlin) Gelbart+Friends (Tel Aviv/Berlin) Video Installation: Ronni Shendar (Jerusalem)
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  • The second part of the TOKIO-JERUSALEM-BERLIN festival is taking place in one of the nicest and most special locations of Berlin: SCALA is the one and only true old school Berlin style club left. The whole place will be popped up by one of the most prolific contemporary visual artists of Jerusalem (at the moment also exhibiting at the Jewish museum Frankfurt) RONNI SHENDAR. The line up includes ANNA and SOUSSANA who promote the Pacotek in Jerusalem for years and have contributed a lot to the scene there with booking artists such as Robert Hood, Daniel Bell, Cassy, Lawrence etc. for their more than 100 parties. The same good taste they prove as djs in their high quality house sets. GLITTERBUG is hosting the spectacular festival for media art and electronics C-SIDES together with Ronni Shendar. Glitterbugs album "Supershelter" - just released on c-sides records - has just been called one of the most surprising and great albums in a while by GErman GROOVE magazine. His live set will be supported visualwise by Ronni Shendar. Additionally to these, some of their friends who are also some of the hottest names in the Berlin scene drop by to play a set: Confirmed so far are FALKO BROCKSIEPER, BASTEROID with a live set, GEBRÜDER TEICHMANN and JEFF SAMUEL!! If this isn't an argument for you to come, be aware of the show of GELBART that will be happening in the lounge. He is known for his diyattitude that he uses for merging all sorts of noises to a weird mix somewhere between Squarepusher, Sonic Youth and a hurdy gurdy. Killekill is gonna kick your ass with this! : ) More info:
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