Don't - The Real Techno: John Heckle / Head Front Panel Live + DMX Krew + Jerome Hill

  • Come and join us in this intimate venue with a booting sound system brought in specially. Lazers, light show and the most friendly and up for it crowd at a Techno night you'll experience ! DON'T continues in it's quest to bring you the freshest, realest and baddest* Techno this side of the universe. - Head Front Panel - is a project by ultra talented producer John Heckle which concentrates on pushing honest and hard hitting Techno with no bullshit through the label of the same name. Think mid nineties Mills in terms of the rawness and effective simplicity. This is gonna bang ! - DMX Krew - aka Ed DMX not only is a production machine but it's well known that he plays a mean DJ set.. Expect Techno of a certain pedigree with plenty of dirt and funk in there from a man who knows his onions and is not afraid to chop them up. -No Data Available - has been quietly plugging away outside rave-world and on hearing his latest improvised Hardware only Live Set, he had to be asked back. Sleazy and sweaty music for strobe lit dance floors! - DJ One Seven - has been around a long time, soaking up Acid, House and Techno of a certain ilk since his outstanding service for infamous Scottish/London sound system 'Bezerkas' during the mid nineties. Selection is everything with this DJ and being a regular at Don't, he's the perfect choice to open this night. - Rob Stow - What can i say, an integral part of the birth of Don't label, one half of Groove Asylum and can tear a room up like nobody else. An animal on the decks. You're in for a treat. - Jerome Hill - Your host and resident DJ who is forbidden by the rules to write anything too special about himself *baddest meaning goodest
  • Don't - The Real Techno: John Heckle / Head Front Panel Live + DMX Krew + Jerome Hill - Flyer front