Ohr Frisst Bass

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    techno/minimal: Demir & Seymen [highgrade, pentagonik] mary jane [langspielplattengemeinschaft] Niko Schwind [kassette, autist] dj Clementine [süss & sauer] ning & smo feat. Alex.Do [trendkost] drum'n'bass: skc/tactile [commercial suicide, timeless, hospital, budapest] maszewo [tfasystems, budapest/berlin] justice [treib-gut.org] bome [monstabash] r.home [tfasystems.de] mc sufferah [global riddims, mighty motivation] visuals by displaced pictures
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  • Its almost the last party at the 'Alte Weberei' because it gets closed... So everey bodey has to come and to dance :-) The party is devided into two floors. One for the Drum and Bass heads and one fo the Minimal and Techno lovers!
  • Ohr Frisst Bass - Flyer front
    Ohr Frisst Bass - Flyer back