[lesizmo:r] #2 Berlin

  • Lessizmore presents on their second appearance at Berlins Arena Club the shooting stars MASOMENOS for the first time in berlin....and they play LIVE! The crazy french couple who got many respect not only for their colourful comic artwork which is on their own fashion collection and on their record sleeves but also for their amazing sound. Danceable until the last Sample! They will be accompanied by parisian ANTHONY COLLINS who releases on Cecille and Curle Recordings his own definition of house music. Warm and groovy which suits perfectly to the winter period. His Cecille Label collegue ROBERT DIETZ is on the same level and together they will spread some musical christmas presents. The line up will be completed by two Lessizmore Residents. Pierre from legendary Fuse Club Brussels and owner of lessizmore records and Chris.Lattner whos release Hypnotoad on wba found its way on Ricardos turntable a lot of times. And he is always good for some JOKES.
  • [lesizmo:r] #2 Berlin - Flyer front
    [lesizmo:r] #2 Berlin - Flyer back