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    • 104 Murray St; Perth, WA 6000; Australia
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    Wed, 12 Nov 200810:00pm - 6:00am
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    Philly, Tone, Flex, Ben Mac and Len and Mono Lisa
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  • What do a zero- star- rating movie starring Tom Green and Ambar have in common? Japan 4 that’s what! Though cartoonists might come stumbling through our door, and scraping the bottom of the barrel ain’t what we got in store, the phrase Japan 4 has been thrown about many a time - lauded by some, hailed by others - and Saturday nights sans Japan 4 would be like a cheese and tomato toastie without the bread. Whilst Freddy et al may have been badly received by critics, Japan 4 and Ambar have belched out successes receiving much critical acclaim – move over critics with your disparaging reviews, Japan 4 is here to stay! No Golden Raspberry’s here, vote for Japan 4 in the PDMA’s – we may not deliver a monologue via harmonica, but we can promise a stack more nights of pure Ambar quality. Thanks to Wiki for details.
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