Droid Behavior - Interface 24: 24 Hour Event - Rolando - Dj Bone

  • <B>Saturday November 29th Interface 24.0 by Droid Behavior <FONT SIZE=4><b>NOW A 24 HOUR EVENT</B></FONT> DETROIT.TECHNO:HOUSE:ACID:MINIMAL</b> <B>DJ Rolando</b> UR : 430 West : Delsin // Detroit Rolando was born in the 70's in the southwest of Detroit...Mexican Town. He began DJ-ing as a teenager and earned respect as well as attention of the "Mad" Mike Banks. He soon joined the infamous<b> Underground Resistance</b> and learned his chops as a producer and performer. In 1999 his release of "Knights of the Jaguar" broke the ice and turned archaic perceptions of techno on their head. A cross genre hit, the song broke boundaries and became an instant classic with DJ's as diverse as Francois K, Tenaglia, and even Oakenfold. The record put focus back on the Motor City. Along with his soulful productions, Rolando has wowed audiences worldwide with his speedy turntabalism and eclectic sets of funky house, tough electro, and deep Detroit techno. Rolando makes his long awaited return to LA 10 years later for this special west coast appearance. Do not miss this moment in essential underground. <B>DJ Bone</b> Subject Detroit : Metroplex // Detroit DJ Bone is a true champion of the underground. His uncompromising attitude and fierce independence have allowed him to play by his own rules and violate industry expectations. He's a DJ in the true essence of Detroit style: aggressively skillful, deep, and funky. He is also a successful producer and runs the highly acclaimed <b>Subject Detroit</b> label. Bone's performances remind crowds to focus on the DJ by employing every technique in his masterful arsenal: blends, scratches, backspins, and his unrivaled use of the fader. This is a lesson not to be missed. along with: <b>Acid Circus (Live)</b> Droid Behavior // LA <b>Drumcell</b> Droid Behavior // LA <b>Developer</b> Modularz : 4trak // LA <b>Andrew Kelley vs Alex Villalobos</b> Lifestyle : Absurd // LA <b> <i>visual experiments by derivative + skewfm + CPU</i></b> 10pm - 8am | $10/15 | open bar till 11pm | mature crowd suggested | 18+/21+ + <b> Sunday November 30th Interface 24.2 by Droid Behavior <i>[ official after party.......the saga continues ]</i></b> Musical selectors: <b> Fabian </b> [ freq freq ] <b> Stan Min </b> [ slang.la ] <b> Subversive </b> [ droid behavior ] <b> Dean Paul </b> [ droid behavior ] <b> Vik carrillo </b> [ droid behavior ] <b> Veal Chop </b> [ der kontraktor ] <b> Lee Foss </b> [ discrete music] <b> Andre Ezer </b> [ compression ]</b> 10am - 10pm | free b4 2pm | mature crowd suggested *you must receive invitation slip @ Inteface 24 official event to attend Interface 24.2 RSVP: [email protected] info: 323.743.8419 droidbehavior.com myspace.com/droidbehavior
  • Droid Behavior - Interface 24: 24 Hour Event - Rolando - Dj Bone - Flyer front
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