• Venue
    TBA - Colorado
    • To Be Announced
  • Date
    Sat, 25 Jul 2015
    23:00 - 05:00
  • Attending
    • 7
  • L'estasi Dell'oro - Field / Macro / Voodoo Down | New York Paul Fleetwood - GATF (ghost) - n5md Christopher Ernst ~ became involved with live music playing in bands with friends as a teenager and continued to do so for some years in Upstate NY & NYC. In 2010, he began releasing music in earnest under the name Penalune, debuting with the album 'Less of the Same' for STL's Something Records. Following a handful of other album releases, he founded Voodoo Down Records in 2012, which also saw the debut of his L'estasi Dell'oro artist name for techno-related sounds and ideas. There have been numerous records in the time since and many more to come through the distant future. ------- Paul Fleetwood ~ began his sonic career over ten years ago. After playing various gigs he realized that in order to facilitate and maintain a higher dance music standard in Pittsburgh, Paul would be required to do more than just DJ. By contributing to an array of various outlets in the area he found himself working on projects such as hosting, co-founding the always consitent Humanaut, currating the weekly Hot Mass, while also maintaining a steady focus on personal progression in his DJ career. Since moving to Denver, Paul continues to demand more of himself by playing a key role in the Great American Techno Festival and performing at Communikey's final festival earlier this year. ------- Brian Froh ~ quietly opperates on the idm label n5md as (ghost). The composition of his albums with intricate backstories has brought his sound to be described as a bridge between everyday emotions and a story of fantasy. A recent transplant to Denver has given Brian a keen ear to dance floors and an appreciation of the worldwide cultural exchange within dance music.
  • Nocturnal.04 - Flyer front