Versch Festival Final Party

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    Unità Zero/ Outside Standing Level (GER) POP CORE / Robocoop (CAN) Arnout Hulskamp / VJ (NL) Taxinouveau. /live dj/ (CAN) Shirazi. /live dj/ (NL) Mark August. /dj/ Nuno dos Santos. /dj/ Jarno, Dennis, Minz. / B2B dj set (NL)
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  • EARLY PROGRAM 23:00 - 24:00 For this, the swan song of VERSCH at Sugar, we’ll bring you a clincher of a program with daring media art and fresh electronic music. We are pumped to have the Pop Core Collective in the house. These kids do a full robotic dubstep set combining audio, video and new media art, robotics, electronics, electro-acoustics and performance art. Wanna see a robo-pneumatic controlled doll playing a real drum? It’s part of the Robocoop show. Unita Zero is an interactive video installation with 32 possible combinations of stunning videos and vibrating mixed audio sequences, all triggered by a foot step. The visuals for the whole night are brought to you by one of Holland’s finest VJs - Arnout Hulskamp. Last chance to get fresh. LATE PROGRAM 24:00 - 05:00 Taxi Nouveau delivers a live electro-grime-8bit set which promises you a non-stop thrill ride. His musical performance combines songs from his album with new pieces. The man behind is Manuel Chantre, a freelance composer/sound designer/artist performer and DJ. He is also a part of the mysterious collective. Next live set is a real promising talent: Shirazi. A couple of years back, Shirazi returned to music production. After finishing the first series of tracks, his enthusiasm grew during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2006, where Dave Clarke got his hands on a demo CD and played the track ‘Morning Drive’ on his radio show White Noise. Dutch techno pioneer Secret Cinema’s TEAM label has included Shirazi in his producers’ collective. Positive feedback has been received from international DJ/producers such as Dave Clarke, Vince Watson and Marshall Jefferson. PLUS, DJ’s Mark August, Nuno Dos Santos, Jarno, Dennis and Minz will bring you a energetic blend of deep, intelligent electronic music to dance to in a back-2-back set.
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