Behrouz and Maxi Storrs

  • Friday, July 10th we celebrate MEGAN'S BIRTHDAY with Special Guests: BEHROUZ & Maxi Storrs [ KaterBlau / Suma Beach / Istanbul] Support by: Surreal Flight [Do Not Sit On The Furniture] She brings light in......She brings light in..... We celebrate the shining light that brings so much love to Do Not Sit On The Furniture. We celebrate life, love and music with two of her favorite DJ's, Behrouz & Maxi Storrs, child of the universe, educated in black rock city, Dj / producer creator of Dusty Eardrums, founding member of Suma Beach, handpicked to create a special magical night... We welcome you to transcend into grooviness with us as we trip the light and invoke our creativity to become One with Aalllll. Feel free to adorn yourselves in colors, flowers, headpieces, emblems, symbols, bindis etc. channeling the essence of bliss is our goal! Dance, float, sing and let amazing great energy vibrate your every being!
  • Behrouz and Maxi Storrs - Flyer front