Cocoon - Ambasada Gavioli 13th Anniversary

  • It is not easy to cope with expectations of a crowd, which has gotten used to services of the club considered to be South-eastern Europe’s finest institution when it comes to electronic dance music. It is even harder to put forward an event that could stand out against the shiny background of the club’s immense past achievements. Nonetheless, Ambasada Gavioli and Fetch the Vibe have taken up the challenge. Instead of settling with a regular performance of two world star deejays an original concept has been put forward in which all aspects of a global musical label are to be imported into a framework of a single-night clubbing event. The plan is, therefore, not only to put up a performance of Sven Väth and Johannes Heil but also to carry out an event that would, in a way, embody everything that takes place under the great label of Cocoon music: the extravagance of Cocoon’s home club in Frankfurt, the avant-garde sound of the legendary Monday parties at Amnesia club, and, above all, it’s founding idea of never-ending musical community, embodied in the symbol of the cocoon. The two performing stars and a witty concept are not only Ambasada Gavioli’s present to its devoted fans, but also an acknowledgement of its accomplishments at the awe of its 13. Anniversary. There has been too many to mention them all: form the pioneer days of resident deejays Umek and Valentino Kanzyani to the unforgettable nights with stars, such as Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk or John Digweed. These stories are written in the Archives of Ambasada Gavioli, whereas numerous tiny moments, passing unnoticed in the glow of its sparkly spotlights, will remain safe with us – its dedicated fans. Complexity of the event required a careful selection of artists. It is hardly necessary to present Sven Väth, the Godfather of techno music: his deeds speak for themselves. As far as his companion Johannes Heil is concerned let us just note that it was Heil who has been the first to prove that techno is more than just music to dance on. Driven by its author’s constant wondering about the future of mankind, which he often imagines in dark, even apocalyptic tones, Heil’s music is an overt but undisturbing message put forward so that we could make the world turn in a more promising direction. Considered superficially, Sven Väth and Johannes Heil seem to be miles apart, however, their music comes together at a deeper level, and there is certainly a deeper meaning in the combination of Väth’s escapism and Heil’s apocalyptic visions. It doesn’t matter if what you are looking for is a few last moments of oblivion in the ending year or if you are preparing to settle up the past accounts, another cycle in a great metamorphosis of Time is about to turn. One way or the other, there is hardly a better place for metamorphosis than cocoon! Contact: Tina // Email: [email protected]
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