Barem & Alexis Cabrera Pres. Fun Night

  • Globally recognised and respected DJ, live act and producer Barem is pairing up with friend, live specialist and musical partner Alexis Cabrera to start the next chapter of their careers. This comes in the form of a brand new label, FUN Records, which the Argentinian pair are launching as a way to inject some much needed character and humility back into the global dance scene. In previous years, Barem has been closely associated with seminal and serious faced techno label Minus. Its there that he released countless EPs and an album that really announced his talents to the world. Now though, along with Cabrera (who is himself an accomplished producer with credits on labels like Mindshake, Raum Musik and Time Has Changed, as well as an incredible live show), he is evolving away from minimal, and together the pair will focus more on the groove, on human emotion and on inviting house sounds and freestyle techno jams. Their Fun Records label will showcase these styles from friends and like minded artists and present each release with colourful statement artwork. There are also to be charismatic label parties all around the world, each of which to feature, video projections, lively production and lots of smiling faces. “In the end, it’s just about good music and having fun, just like the label name suggests“ says Barem of his new project. The first release will be followed by parties in Barcelona at Club4 on July 9, Berlin at Watergate July 15 and London at The Egg Terrace on August 23. With the vinyl release date set for July 13 and digital on August 3, the first EP is a collaborative effort between these two friends and features three fulsome cuts of playful and functional techno. Opening track ‘Turn On The Fun’ features slithering synth lines, a nimble and inviting baseline and plenty of warming emotion. It’s spacious and airy and the intriguing melodic patterns really keep your head as busy as your heel whilst the loopy beats roll below. ‘Funcy’ is a little more rubbery and direct, with clacking perc, freewheeling synth lines and bubbly drums that never stay locked in one place, roaming around and taking you with them. Lastly, ‘Funatics’ has a sombre minor chord bassline that rides up and down the scale as crisp, clean hi hats dance alongside. Bouncy and jostling, energetic and restless, it’s a track that perfectly rounds out this debut EP and shows that Barem and Cabrera are true to their world and really do know how to produce some fun techno funk.
  • Barem & Alexis Cabrera Pres. Fun Night - Flyer front
    Barem & Alexis Cabrera Pres. Fun Night - Flyer back