French Decadence

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  • Nov. 22nd FRENCH DECADENCE Saturday at Mao Club? Bonjour Friends! French decadence at Mao..The name of this party get the name from a song of the most popular French artist: Serge Gainsbourg.... Till one o'clock monsieur Clement Pony will play all the most popular french song from Serge Gainsbourg to Claude Francois... After for the Mao lovers all the best electro and House French discography: Cassius,Air, Dafrt Punk, Bob Sinclair... Someone like to copy.... but the original french decadence it's only at Mao! girls:Free charge all night long men: 100 rmb included one drink. Free charge for all the french till 1 included one free shot! MAO Club 46 Yueyuan Lu by Dongping Lu
  • French Decadence - Flyer front