Phonica 0.5

  • Venue
    • 6-4-6 Minamiaoyama, Minato, Tokyo, 107-0062; Japan
  • Date
    Sat, 6 Dec 200810pm - 5:30am
  • Attending
    • 2
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    Satoshi Otsuki (Tres Vibes), KILLY (Killy The System), MIDORI, ALEXEINZ [Phonica / DiSKOBiSKiT / UL], Groove Patrol [Phonica], Ryuichiro [Phonica], VJ: COTTON VS VJ "YOU" ( VJ battle with live feed video) Photography: Mark Oxley
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  • Phonica 0.5 is back to bring you the very best in deep house and bouncy techno on Saturday 6th December @ Velours, Aoyama and with the scope available to us at Velours we will be showcasing the visual talent of both Cotton and VJ You. Continuing with the tradition of bringing you the very best in forward thinking underground DJs we present SATOSHI OTSUKI (Tres Vibes), DJ KILLY (Killy The System) and DJ MIDORI who will ofcourse be supported by the Phonica residents. ???????/ ????Phonica 0.5?12?6????????Velours???????? ??Velours??Cotton?VJ You???????????????????????????????????????????????????SATOSHI OTSUKI(Tres Vibes), DJ KILLY(Killy The System), DJ MIDORI????????Phonica???????????????????????????? DJ lineup SATOSHI OTSUKI (Tres Vibes) KILLY (Killy The System) MIDORI ALEXEINZ [Phonica / DiSKOBiSKiT / UL] GROOVE PATROL [Phonica] RYUICHIRO [Phonica] VJ performance COTTON VS VJ "YOU" ( VJ battle with live feed video)(?????????VJ???) Photography Mark Oxley Links Discount info: Iflyer / members or discount card : 1500 yen (No drink) Special discounts available!!! Mail full names to [email protected] Special perks in the club --------------- ?????????: Iflyer / ???????????????????????: 1500?(??????????? ????????????!! [email protected]???????????? INFO -------------------------- Date: Saturday 6th of December 2008 Time: 10pm till the morning Location/ ??: VELOURS.Aoyama Entrance/???: 2500yen Incl. Drink ------------------- In association with : DiSKOBiSKiT & BELVEDERE Vodka
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