Official Paradise Garage Reunion: Joey Llanos & David Depino

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    Joey Llanos David DePino
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  • Finally Fam, we have been blessed with a new venue and a new location for our party. Its hard to believe that is has been 28 years since the Paradise Garage closed its doors back in 1987. The legacy of Larry Levan and The Paradise Garage is more famous worldwide now than ever before. Another thing that we have been blessed with that our party has been forbidden for the last 28 years is a Saturday night! Yes, this year we will celebrate the reunion at a fabulous venue in Williamsburg BROOKLYN, ironically named "Verboten". The venue has everything we need to make the reunion a memorable event. Spacious dance floor, a comfortable concession lounge, State of the art Video light show and a Slaming sound system that will not disappoint!!! Its even going to have a food menu created for those who wish to purchase a snack. We are really excited about this venue and this event because the club owners have demonstrated to us that they really appreciate the importance of the Paradise Garage history and Legacy of Larry Levan. So, get your dancing shoes ready, we are going in and going late!!! Se you on the dance floor. Joey Llanos & David DePino $25 in advance / $30 at the door $20 with Paradise Garage Membership shown at the door only
  • Official Paradise Garage Reunion: Joey Llanos & David Depino - Flyer front