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    Cynthia Stern LIVE PA! (Input Output Inc founder / Stockholm, Sweden) SMASHBACK LIVE PA! (Bass Gun Records co-founder / Manchester) Gavin Richardson (Substance)
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  • CYNTHIA STERN LIVE PA! (Input Output Label Boss / Stockholm) Growing up in Gothenburg, Cynthia’s early interest in graffiti and Jungle music gradually gave way to a love of techno, solidifying with a move to Stockholm circa 1997. Following on from early experiments as part of the Urban Electro Squad, Cynthia set up Input-Output Inc in 1999, a label that has been responsible for some mind-bending releases over the last few years, with a discography featuring Landstrumm & Youngman, Sueme, Jason Leach, Tobias Schmidt, Tim Wright, Dave Tarrida and the wee djs amongst others. Quite simply off-centre techno at its finest. In addition to his releases on I-O-I, Cynthia has had work out on Data Trace, Currently Processing, Si Begg’s Noodles, Growth and Semi-Automatic. After a superb remix of Si Begg’s ‘My Style’, he is increasingly well known in electronic circles – a producer to keep an eye on for the future, with some top tracks in the pipeline. Cynthia will be debuting loads of this new material in his Substance live set which be a storming treat of dark, off-kilter techno and electro, at times reminiscent of a more 'traditional' wonky style, with Scandinavia-style bass parps, lumpy kickdrums and wicked basslines. http://www.myspace.com/cynthiastern SMASHBACK LIVE PA! (Bass Gun Records / Manchester) Ed Smashback is also an artist on the up. Originally hailing from North London, he has since relocated to Manchester where he has been involved in parties such as Electrode and Alien Radio. SmashBack recently started Bass Gun Records with Paul Blackford, a label which is fast becoming one of the most dependable outlets for forward-thinking, dancefloor-geared electro bass. It features the likes of Blackford, EDMX, Mr Nex (Mark Archer, Altern8), Dexorcist, Christopher D Ashley and Decal, alongside his own work, and other new producers such as Full Spectrum and Synapse. Indeed, as the Manchester electro-bass scene gathers strength, SmashBack has emerged as a key player with material also on Data Trace, Wide and Audio Aubergine, acclaimed by artists such as Dave Clarke, Warlock and Radioactive Man. He has been serially remixing his label mates and has himself been remixed by Paul Blackford, Ardisson, Christopher D Ashley and Cynthia Stern amongst others. With his new album ‘City Parks’ due out in early 2009, and in the midst of a healthy gig schedule that has taken him all over the UK, Croatia and Malta, this is a great time to catch his live pa of fast paced, laser zapped, bass-heavy electro. http://www.myspace.com/smashback
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