Chimpo + Madam X

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    Chimpo, Madam X, Major Grave, Bob Standard, Jimmy Penguin, PCP, Dynzer
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  • We're stepping things up for this one folks. Finally after unavoidable delays we can announce our biggest hoot'nanny to date; Chimpo + Madam X are flying over to serve up a fat slice of Manchester Riddims for one helluva night in the newly vamped out Wiley Fox (formally The Pint) For anybody who doesn't know; CHIMPO thru his productions, sets, brooding mic skills & his recent involvement with the formable Lvlz crew, has set himself as one of the driving forces in the Manchester underground. His sets roll through d’n’b, trap, hip-hop, grime, jungle, reggae, dancehall…just about anything with a durty bassline and a birra swagger. MADAM X also hails from Manchester's bubbling underground. Her sets buzz with an eclectic sound palette, and a penchant for cross-pollinating dark techno with anything from garage to grime to funk and boogie, her sets stand apart by finding similarities between obscure sounds, that span over time, space and genre. We already have a frenzy of Irish support to filling out both Main and Terrace stages; Bob Standard - Standard Crew Dublin's Bob will be sure to lay down some hefty, bassy support on the Main Stage. Jimmy Penguin - Scratch Guru, Producer, Dj & CSG winner will define the Terrace stage with his slick shhtyle and immaculate shhkills. PCP - will be giving it extra socks for our aural pleasure, never predictable, always alluring mixes from the homoludo himself. Dynzer - Will be bashing out his murky ghetto g-style up the terrace to make sure every corner of The Wiley Fox is hoppin by the end of the night. Doors: 10.30pm Door Tax: 10e before 11.30pm / 12e after Funktion One Sound on both stages. Full A/V show. FL.
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