Slabs Of The Tabernacle

  • Thanks to everyone who came along to see iamelectron, the DJ, crowd and venue staff were all made up with the night. onto our next event.. FANCY & SPOOK [LIVE] + RESIDENTS £5 Entry Fancy & Spook are no stranger to these parts by now but we wanted to wait until it got cold before we put them on. Live, fast, analogue electro from the guests with complementary techno and electro sets from the residents. ( Artist info taken from ) Fancy & Spook have known each other longer than they haven't. They've been making music almost as long as that, most of it electronic. They have released two 12”s so far, both on Glasgow based Heatray Records. The Detroit influenced electro of their “We Had The Technology” EP received the Dave Clarke seal of approval on release in 2006. 2008's “Extended Peril” EP saw their sound come closer to home with British bleeps and bass coming to the fore. They specialise in live performance, taking as much of their analogue gear as they can carry and an MPC full of home-made loops with them to thoroughly road-test their sound. They are named after two cartoon cats and their favourite decades are the Fifties and Twenties. We will also be playing tunes in the bar upstairs from 9pm. Quality. Upcoming nights in the new year.. January 3rd - Ali Renault (Cyber Dance, Human Shield, Dissident) + Basic Aly (Don O'Kane) February 7th - passEnger + xluve (Italy)
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