Special Disco Version with Liquid Liquid

  • Special Disco Version resident DJs and LCD bros James Murphy & Pat Mahoney are excited to announce a special evening with the legendary and amazing LIQUID LIQUID (live performance)! Manhattan's Liquid Liquid (the quartet of Scott Hartley Richard McGuire, Salvatore Principato and Dennis Young) effortlessly melded and shaped their own very groovy space. Loose but tight, edgy and inviting, both dry and wet, the phrase "Slip In And Out of Phenomenon," the title of their recent retrospective collection - and the vocal hook from their most infamous track Cavern- perfectly nails both the sound and the sensation of listening to Liquid Liquid. Over little more than 3 EPs in their lifetime, Liquid Liquid re-routed the rhythms of the subway and the steam of the city to some imagined African nighttime future...This show will be one for the record books... get on it now!