Lick The Click! With Nôze

  • Who may be these two stupid frenchmen, who love to wash their feet to have the smell of roses on? Who can think of tulip schnaps, hidden in the deepest depth of the kitchen? Who are these two, constantly drunken, semi-naked, hat-wearer, look-ma-no-hands piano-player little bugs stuck in a glass of champagne; whose music is rich in humour and emotions, but totally lack of superego? Ezechiel Pailhés and Nicolas Sfintescu (aka DJ Freak) like to draw inspiration even from the blossoming of lovely little flowers, much as from the cooling water of the suburban nuclear plant. They love to be compared to Bruce Springsteen, but they don’t like to be mentioned in the same sentence with Ark or the Hot Chip; even by the fact that Nicolas is co-producing for Ark and for Jamie Lidell too. Neither the task-division system of the duo is too difficult: one is asking for the money, one counts it. The mastermind of the two is Sfintescu, who likes to deal with problems in the good old rumanian manner according to his origins: he solves the problems if there are any. They are symbiotic with the labels Circus Company and Get Physical, and are in close communication with Trapez, My Best Friend and Milnor Modern. Their biggest dream was to set up a parking lot, but then they found out there was more money in making electronic music. It is easy to imagine this, if we take a look on the success-series of their hits - from Kitchen/Tulip Schnaps to the album How To Dance, then from Piano through Remember Love to Songs On The Rocks LP – everything done by them is an arrow with the flavour of vodka and champagne to the heart of everyone, who’s at least a little bit into electronic music. Let’s give Nicolas and Ezechiel (and their little friends, KorgMS20 and KorgM1) a jolly greet on the 29th of November in Club Merlin. The great audience should not be surprised by semi-naked, hat-wearing drunken men trying to equipose on the stage; as well no one should be frightened of entertainment until the (positive) burst of tears. The relative sobriety of the night will be guarded by the masters of Lick the Click!, namely Isu, Crimson, and Chrom, but not for a long time.
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