• The sounds of high energy samples, funky guitars, heavy bass lines and filtered rhythms come through loud and clear on In Stereo, DJ Dan's new release for Kinetic Records. After transforming the 90's into a decade of dance, the West Coast DJ jumps into the new millennium with his most exciting mix to date. For his new release, DJ Dan fuses together an impeccable listing of 18 songs tenderly balanced out to gratify the most discerning house music fan while making the vibe accessible to those not totally convinced of house music-yet. "It's very raw and true to the way I spin," remarks DJ Dan. "In fact, it was one of the most inspiring sets I've played out...It's funky, guitar-based, on the tweaked out house party vibe and has a bit of 80's electronic influence. A lot of the inspirations on this CD come from my older sound."
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