• I just want to start off by saying thanks so much to everyone that has come down to our night over the last 3 years. The atmosphere you have generated has made us very very happy and sometimes beyond what we ever could of hoped for. To state the obvious, without you we are nothing. Big Dish Go came about by way of feeling a need to do good by our friends and piers from a club night perspective. It was to some degree about a new eclectic electronic music outlet in Dublin as we felt something slightly different was needed from at the time a repetitive and slightly clique scene, in terms of international talent and the local acts that supported them. With this platform in place and using The Underground @ Kennedy's as our base we have managed over the last three years to nurture a lot of new local talent and in turn see that go off and achieve some great things on the Irish scene. We have been very fortunate that our friends have been 100% fully behind us since we started out and are in no doubt that where we are today could not have been achieved with out them and the support from the management in Kennedy's. For our third birthday weekend we felt we had to do something special, hence the double header, and it was a dream come through getting both lines up confirmed in what we consider to be two of the capitals best venues. I hope you can come down and enjoy.
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