Broken Sonics

  • Broken Sonics Broken20 x Infrasonics - free launch rave @ Corsica Studios w/ The Quietus 31.07.15 Rm 1 - Broken Sonics Tengui - Transference LP launch (live a/v) SpatiaI - Infra12006 EP launch (live) TVO (live a/v) + Equinox (alt. set) Asusu Datassette Spaces CB Rm 2 - The Quietus Miles Beneath b2b Parris Rory Gibb Sophie Coletta _ Broken20 and Infrasonics come together for a joint record launch at London's best club, with a clutch of supporting acts in tow and The Quietus in room two, for free. B20 newbie Tengui will present his debut LP, Transference, drawing on years of promotional graft with London clubnight Colony but moving off in new and unforeseen directions; expect beats, drones, glitches, crackles, voices, FX and swelling bass, plumbed from the depths and channelled, via Corsica's tearing Funktion-One rig, straight into your CNSs. Custom visuals by Broken Mannequin will stoke the coals. Londoner Spatial, meanwhile, celebrates the reemergence of his Infrasonics imprint, whose latest rig-flexing 12" will feature in an all-new, hardware-focused live PA. An expert riddim builder and sound manipulator, recent work for B20, WNCL and Jimmy Edgar's Ultramajic shows his flair in both club and off-club contexts, and it's with glee that Infra - slap-bang in the former camp - returns, three years since its last transmission. Tonking beats and churning subs will, surely, ensue. Also live, and also on something of a UK/(post-)techno/bass/murk tip, is B20 head TVO, swooping down from Glasgow to rep his label, support his mans, and prove once again why he's among the finest exponents of hypnotically fine-tuned soundsystem music out there, presenting a new 45 minute a/v assemblage of "stretched voices merging with hypnotic cyclical beats ... against a film shot in an abandoned asylum". Be scared. Joining them in room one are a handful of super-select guests, working in and around the same heady territories. Equinox, one of London's - and indeed the UK's - finest DJ/producers, will play a 4/4-leaning, '90s-influenced set, moving away, somewhat, from his usual amen rinsings, but destined to do comparable damage; Asusu, whose new Impasse imprint builds impressively on work for/with Livity Sound, will drop in for a sizzling Brizzle techno sesh (see his recent EE 'cast for a healthy dose of that); and Datassette, formerly of Ai and now the mighty Apollo, has promised wave, rave and ruffage for the uptempo steppers kru - which is what they'll get. Warming up, former Colonist CB(izzle) will attempt to inject life into an empty room, while Bleep newcomer and Transference masterer Spaces will pick up where he leaves off, testing out material from his forthcoming second EP, we hope. Room two is catered for by long-term Colony supporters and TVO/B20/Corsica lovers The Quietus, whose hyperspecific guests consist of none other than the mighty Miles (Whittaker/Demdike Stare/Modern Love/you name it), the Colony hero and 1210 maestro responsible for some of the finest MancXBerlinXBrizzle gear released over the past decade+, and (post-)UK standard setters/filth peddlers Beneath (hot on the heels of a pounding new EP) and Parris, going b2b for a Rinse-esque rinse out. Supporting, The Quietus's own Rory Gibb and Sophie Coletta will (also) be packing a whole load of f*ck-knows-what for the occasion - a good thing, in our books. Finally, and more generally, aside from being totally, utterly free, delivered on tweaking F-Ones throughout, and licensed to go the distance, this evening's gathering will be an opportunity to pick up physical wares, in the form of Transference on cassette, Infra12006 on 12" vinyl, and various other tasty bits from both labels' back catalogues - so get saving/scabbing/betting NOW. And spread the word: you won't be doing better than this for a Friday out on the lash.
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