EOC at Moondance

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    • 11 Stainer Street; London Bridge; London SE1 9RL; United Kingdom
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    • 3
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    Old Skool Room - Classic Hardcore: Host by Moondance + Epidemik Ratpack Slipmatt+ Billy Bunter Donovan Badboy Smith Snypa Mr X B/B Vinyl Vera Jason-J B/B JC Squirrel Twista Randall MCs Charlie B 3Flow Ice Cutter Five Alive Ice House Room: Electro, House & Club Classic's Hosted by Grin + LMP Loose Cannons (Kiss FM Adam K (LMP Dillion Koenig (LMP Jack Micheals James Edwards Mark Batch Yiannis Balkizas Huckleberry Finn Philgood & Ram Rob Blake Lee Freeland Filth Monkeys Rave Utopia Room - Classic Jungle: Kenny Ken Nicky Blackmarket Food Junkie Devious Dee SLB Trix Logic & Skanna Ash A Tac Gachet MCs Flux Five Alive Ragga Twins Shockin Bee Essence of Chi With Nine Bar sound Storm [I](MIDNIGHT SET)[/I] Kane [I](Hardware Classics Set 95-99)[/I] Commix Artificial Intelligence Subterra Healing Crew Smitty & Spindall Sophina & Ascension MCS: Moose Five Alive Ken Mac Bassline Joker D Skydro Miss Trouble Son of Dance/ DEF:INITION Upfront D/B: Friction Hazard Randall Simon Bassline Smith Cyantific Phantasy Spice EZM Friller +FT Inter + Mc Deefa MCs Eksman Fun CD Youngman Herbzie Rhymes
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  • ESSENCE OF CHI returns to Se One for it's 4th consecutive MOONDANCE NEW YEARS EVE ! Yes we're back ... this time in a bigger arena, complete with a huge line up and a massive rig - namely the mighty NINEBAR Soundsystem. **AS PER USUAL EOC COME WITH THE SPECIAL DISCOUNTED MOONDANCE NYE TICKETS - PRICED JUST £25 & BEST OF ALL NO BOOKING FEE !** STANDARD TICKETS ARE £35 / £45 + BOOKING FEE See http://www.essenceofchi.co.uk for details of how and where to purchase or call 07817 706484 (Keira) or 07708 502884 (Gemma).
  • EOC at Moondance - Flyer front