Rtx & The Suzukis

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    • 83 Rivington Street; Hoxton; London EC2A 3AY; United Kingdom
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    RXT & The Promoters
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  • Man o Man. We've got a show for you. Beyond the real deal is the unreal deal, and therein waits the band RTX, which is Jennifer Herrema, with pelts and furs attached at all times (in case she needs a friend, she says), and four unflagging shredmen, whose fingers tap out the sort of ultra-speed telemetry patterns that used to beam down from Soyuz capsules in the 60s. The band skilfully plays tuff-stuff metal of the kind they used to make good cars from, using instrumental acrobatics-by-increment that punish knuckles and dissolve paragraphs of rote scholastic memories. On tour, they’ve had bands demanding apologies by about day four. At home, they are as sweet as pie. They aren’t the last of a rock music genre, as the press likes to say; as far as can be discerned, they are the first of something else. [b]LIVE: RTX + THE SUZUKIS 7-1 £10 adv[/b]