M'am, It's A Scratchjam

  • Venue
    Klub K4
    • Kersnikova 4 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Date
    Sat, 22 Nov 200810:00pm - 6:00am
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    Klub K4The Good Foot
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    Skratch Session: Ahmaad (Stylin' / BiH), SSF, Splinter (HipHop Virus), Dado, Borka, Zhiga beatbox, Skrec Attack – Dondi movie, Street Art session Good Foot: Tetkine radosti 02 (yugo collage mix promotion), Udo Brenner (Zeleno sonce), Bakto (Code.EP), Zhe (Code.EP) Video Rex (Code.EP)
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  • There is an incredibly versatile jam to be enjoyed on this night in K4. It will all begin with a movie by Dondi "Skrec Attack" (Scratch Attack), followed by an one hour session of various vinyl destroyers (Splinter, SSF, Borka...), which will no doubt peak when our old friend and Bosnian virtuoso Ahmaad joins in (after the session he will spoil us with a DJ set as well). As if this wasn't enough the main floor will be artistically vandalized by graffiti and illustration artists and all the while we can expect short beatbox outbursts from the most excellent Slovenian vocal maestro Zhiga. Bar floor will be dedicated to the release party for the 2nd volume of the funkiest, grooviest nostalgia filled mix this side of the Alps – Tetkine Radosti (Auntie's Joys) comprised of the juiciest yugo funk/rock/schlager bits these fanatic diggers could find. Free copies will be available!
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