Dance & Disorder with Luomo and Portable

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    Klub K4
    • Kersnikova 4 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Date
    Fri, 21 Nov 200811:00pm - 6:00am
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    Klub K4
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    Disorder: Luomo live! - Convivial album tour (Huume, Force Tracks / FIN), Portable/BODYCODE live! (Süd, Spectral Sound, ~scape / POR), Kiki (Aquarious Records / CRO), Symann & Zergon (Synaptic) Dance: Mique (Multipraktik, Moisty), Fedja & Roja (Intosomething) Video: fšk
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  • After the Dance & Disorder season opening night with Âme this series continues with a more experimental, advanced episode, which will be conducted by the pop-micro-house giant Luomo and one of the more daring and unique producers of the moment – Portable/Bodycode. Both guys will let it rip live. Let the games begin! Luomo is Sasu Ripatti and Sasu Ripatti is Vladislav Delay. Who is who and who isnt't? While Sasu Ripatti is both those personas, Luomo definitely isn't Vladislav Delay. Sasu is all that and more, since we are talking about a daring experimentalism both listening and dancing wise. Luomo is the more positive, romantic, dancing and disco version of this split personality, which built the foundations of mikro house with his album Vocalcity, defining minimal click'n'cut grooves and adding a romanticism to the genre through vocal samples contributed mainly by the Finnish jazz diva Johanna Iivanainen. All this can be heard on all his albums, from Vocality to Present Lover, Paper Tigers and Convivial). In addition to his own musical work he also remixed the greats such as Massive Attack, Scissor Sisters and Rhythm & Sound, only confirming his originality. Luomo is credited as a reformer of the micro sound as his productions include dub, trip-hop, chicago house, soul and disko influences, which is exactly what we are looking forward to in the live presentation of his fourth album Convivial in Club K4. Portable is Alan Abrahams and Alan Abrahams is Bodycode. Alan comes from the ruins of post-apartheid South African Republic and so his musical roots, stemming from Detroit techno and Chicago house, are soaked in traditional African organic rhythms. After he made the move to Europe (first London, then Lisbon) he left the past behind, but fortunately it caught up with him and intertwined itself in his sound on singles and an album Powers of Ten on which Detroit and Chicago influences mix with unconventional organic and unique sounds. Today he also runs Süd label and puts out works for eminent labels such as Spectral Sound, Mutek, ~scape and Revolver. The future for this "portable body code" seems very bright indeed. To top it all off this event will also see – for the first time in Club K4 – Kiki, one of Croatian techno pioneers and the driving force behind Aquarious Records.
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