Sideshow Launch

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    Fucks&Kisses, Fi Faple, RealLiveClive
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  • *SIDESHOW LAUNCH PARTY Thursday 13th Nov The Hetherington Research Club (PostGrad Club) 10am-2am £3/4after11 SideShow is a new thursday night party which aims to bring you the best in underground electronic music, in the quest for quality weeknight clubbing. We want to supply quality music and a perfect sound in an intimate yet intense surrounding. The very first SideShow event will be on Thursday 13th Nov @ The Hetherington Research Club, we'll have a huge soundsytem in there promising to make this lots and lots of fun. Deep tribal minimal, melodic techno, disco..... We have two very special guests for the first party Fucks&Kisses from Manchester/London, just played their debut at We Love... Sundays @ Space in Ibiza. A pretty special achievement. They play a blend of techno and disco, check them out at Fi Faple from Belfast, an extremely talented dj with an amazingly diverse taste in music and an ability to find the most obscure tunes around, whether it be techno or sleazy 80s disco. He also has some great productions under his belt too for Soul Tech and Happy Mekanism, but his unreleased tunes are the real gems.
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