Anja Schneider

  • For the third time Anja strikes at Aura on an international friday. Anja Schneider has four jobs: She’s a label head, a DJ, a producer and a radio personality all rolled into one. No wonder one interviewer called her a "perpetual motion machine": her wheels never stop turning. Anja Schneider also runs the label Mobilee Records and its new offshoot Leena. Despite its short history, Mobilee has grown into one of Berlin’s most closely watched outfits, with a close-knit roster of producers including Sebo K, GummiHz, Exercise One, Pan-Pot and Marcin Czubala. With its discography now running into the mid-30s, Mobilee has managed to carve out its own distinct sound in a city where everyone seems to be making music: the label’s mix of pristine minimal, slinky grooves and deep house manages to push dance music forward while remaining instantly accessible. COVER :::::::: 150 pesos (men) 100 (women) we are not sexist we are only gentleman, we always welcome females to the club, they are the edge and the center of the party, a sligthly distant second behind is music. having both is a great party that's for sure :)
  • Anja Schneider - Flyer front