Melting Pot with Sal P

  • We have two very special guests joining Melting Pot in December - Sal P (Liquid Liquid, NYC) and Jonnie Wilkes (Optimo) Sal P Sal has had an illustrious career, firstly with Liquid Liquid on the now seminal 99 Records, a band active at the beginning of the 1980s, who bridged the gap between punk rock's new wave and funk, both staples of the New York avant-garde scene. Their sound was a neurotic, noisy fusion of Can, Talking Heads and Public Image Ltd, with latin, reggae and African overtones. Cavern one of their biggest club tracks was used as the main hook by Grandmaster Flash for the Hip Hop classic “White Lines”. Almost 3 decades later, vocalist Sal is an accomplished DJ who has been touring the globe with an inspiring soundtrack of all the musical fusions that created the anarchic, stunning Liquid Liquid sound. Not only that, but he’s released a superb mix album with DJ Kaos, who he’s also been producing with on Rong/Kitsuné, alongside the likes of Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid) and Brennan Green. Jonnie Wilkes Jonnie doesn't need much of an introduction to Glasgow clubbers - one half of Optimo he has also deejayed on several occasions with Sal. The link between the two performers started when Optimo selected the name of their club after a track of the same name on Liquid Liquid's third EP. Add to the mix Melting Pot's own Simon and Andrew, we have a true party devoted to the New York sound! More info on Sal P: More Info on Jonnie Wilkes: Melting Pot Pre-Club, Saturday 6th December The Admiral, 72a Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA Free entry From 9pm Melting Pot DJs will be kicking things off at our pre-club at the upstairs bar in The Admiral - as an added incentive there are sure to be some half-price passes for the club floating around Upcoming date: Wednesday 31st December Hogmanay Party! with Mark E (Running Back, Jiscomusic, Golf Channel), Deportivo Street Team (Live) & more!