Museum of Love Residency with Cooper Saver and Daniel T

  • Museum of Love are back at Good Room on June 27 for the second round of their residency. This time they've invited Cooper Saver and Daniel T, who bought their musical skills together to do this cosmic remix Museum of Love's Who's Who of Who Cares - Cooper Saver is a Los Angeles based DJ and producer responsible for the Far Away party and mixtape series. Cooper has brought unique and underrated talent to LA for his monthly all-night loft party. Daniel.T. is a Los Angeles based DJ/producer/record collector. He is one half of the duo Cosmic Kids. Longtime friends Pat Mahoney ( LCD Soundsystem ) and Dennis McNany (Jee Day/Juan MacLean) started Museum of Love over a love of music and museums. Their debut album was released on DFA RECORDS last year, and the duo have been touring ever since. They'll be DJing at Good Room with their friends in true DFA party style. Mahoney is a key figure in the DFA stable, and a founding member of LCD Soundsystem as well as one half of duo Special Disco Version with that band's James Murphy—not to mention an accomplished DJ in his own right. McNany, on the other hand, is the head of Run Roc Records and produces under the Jee Day alias, releasing on imprints like DFA and Beats In Space. Bad Room present... Andi ( SYNTHICIDE ) Juju Christian (Zeppelin, Future Jam, Germany) Zachery Allan Starkey (ZGRT / ZAS / C//TY CLUB) ANDI Synthicide legend Andi will be playing a melange of industrial, EBM, new wave, italo, new wave, coldwave, oldschool techno + anything else synthetic. JUJU CHRISTIAN German artist, musician and early veteran of eclectic DJing, playing shamanic, ethno industrial, new beat EBM. He performs under several Aliases on Rhythm & Acoustic Field Projects with Ralf Endrass, Henrik Schwarz or with african singer Affi Darrah. He's also the art director at Zeppelin Recordings & Juju Music. ZACHARY ALLEN STARKEY Zachery Allan Starkey is a unique figure on the New York alt/underground scene, fusing 80s retro techno with 21st century dissatisfaction and vitriol, an updated PIL/LCD Soundsystem. He's the vocalist ZGRT and co-founder of C//TY CLUB. Doors - 10pm / +21 gig
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  • Museum of Love Residency with Cooper Saver and Daniel T - Flyer front
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