Bread & Butter with Special Guest Nico De Ceglia

  • November the 15th Bread & Butter meet CODEX DJs Residents: Julius (Presslab Records – HYPERLINK "" Chicanolive! (Loopbasedminimal – HYPERLINK "" Guest: Nico De Ceglia HYPERLINK "" Bio From his dad's soundtracks and classical collection through to 80's synth pop and early house and techno, Nico De Ceglia has always been immersed in music, growing up in an enviroment where passion for the arts were strong. Over the years he has built a musical background ranging from classical to alternative rock, electronica, jazz, avant-garde and obviously house. The latter is eclectic house open to many influences. His unique style dips into a wide-ranging mixture of deep, twisted and forward thinking house while never overlooking old school bits, alternative stuff and more new and obscure sounds. One of those people who consider music as a 360 degree thing, since the start Nico has balanced his passion for spinning records with radio shows, journalistic work and more. He started his career early, working for a radio station and writing in specialist magazines while DJing in Italy. University studies, first in architecture and later media did not stop the development of his name and after many gigs, shows and collaborations he relocated to London in the mid '90s. Magazines such as Muzik, Update, DJ, Notion (UK), Trend, Trax, Rumore (Italy) and Composite (Japan) have seen him in recent years writing reviews, interviews and specialist charts. His Blue Gallery column for Discoid (Italy) has been a fixture for Italian readers for over 9 years and until recently he was involved in compiling the prestigious Buzz Chart for DMC. Nico has also worked as A&R consultant for the celebrated FFRR/London before moving on with Pete Tong when he left the label. He has been scouting and pre-selecting for Pete's Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1 (UK) since October 2001. On the DJ front though he has never stopped. Recent international sets have included Miami, Ibiza, Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany and many dates back in Italy. His UK gigs include regular spots at London clubs such as The End and Ministry. Now in its fourth year, is HYPERLINK "" CODEX, Nico's successful London night. The definition of CODEX? A collision of deep, electronic sounds. HYPERLINK "" ..l "a=0&i=952140" INCLUDEPICTURE "" ..* MERGEFORMATINET
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