Nice & Nasty Showcase

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    Dagham & Remlab Produse Live Tr-One Thatboytim Live Brian Taaffe Rob GLennon
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  • With an artist roster that includes Chymera, Mark O'Sullivan, Terrence Dixon and Marco Bernardi, Ireland's nice & nasty put on a hometown show with some of the best local talent. Produse and Thatboytim play live whilst Tr-One, Dagham and Remlab aka Dave Ingham and Desy Balmer DJ alongside brian Taaffe and Rob GLennon. Young turks ROb and Brian are making waves with their wavs all over the world right now remixing for Audio, Ignition technician, Mark O'Sullivan, T-Polar, Catalepsia and more and represent the new wave of Irish DJs/Producers with Chymera, Sian and Lerosa. The night also represents the new release (nice & nasty's 13th vinyl) by Tr-One. This wil be a proper techno party - many flavours, various styles with one thing in mind, rockin da house. This is techno! This is Dublin!! Enjoy!!!
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