Let's Frolik!

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    Upstairs Deetron (Music Man / Intec) b&B (Reef) Tomas (Entropy) Mathew Evans (O.O.R.S) dOWNSTAIRS G.On (Reef) Lester Xanadu (La Influencia) Filo Mena & Greg (LegoPops) Emaad Sami (www.myspace.com/emaadsami)
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  • Let's Frolik started in 2004 as a 21st birthday celebration: a house party in the legendary Laxfield Court in Hackney. Details of the night will remain unsaid - what happened at the party, stays at the party - but to give you a clue, formality was locked away in the cupboard – and has stayed there ever since!. Following the bender, it was decided that it will never be hosted at home again, but it since then it has grown bigger and better every year. The parties took place in various clubs around London and Madrid – and this November will at the rising star of Shoreditch: The Horse & Groom. This year, Let's Frolik! Event will be as special as it gets because we will be helping a dear friend, Harry Jonas and Kabir Bavikatte, an Indian-Born Samurai. Two years ago Harry and Kabir joined forces to set up Natural Justice (NJ), a South African Non Governmental Organisation whose name and activity is based on the legal philosophy that people should be involved in the decisions that affect them. Their cause is important to us. Why? 1) Because we all enjoy the privilege to decide what forgoes us in life and thus everyone else should have the same opportunity. 2) Because NJ works with communities to deal with government decisions that will have an effect on their environment, and thus on their lives. 3) Because Natural Justice protects the environment in harmony with local interests, and because it works to give indigenous people a VOICE at times when silence will result in them being ignored, their lands getting degraded and life becoming harsher We would like to invite you to get up, stand up, and Let´s Frolik! for Natural Justice! This year the usual Reef crew teams up with La Influencia, LegoPops, Entropy, Out Of Reach Records and a very special guest, Deetron (Musicman / Intech), who will be flying in from Switzerland for the occasion. Get your dancing and ballerina shoes polished because you will need them to burn the dance floor one more time! All proceeds of this event will go to www.naturaljustice.org.za
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