Lets Frolic with Deetron

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    2 Floors of the finest Deep Electronic House music with very special guest Deetron (Musicman, Intec) Switzerland and B&B (Reef), Matthew Evans(O.O.RS), G.on (Reef), Lester Xanudu (La Infuencia) , Fila Mena & Greg
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  • Lets Frolic @ The Horse and Groom with Deetron (Musicman) Sat 8th November 2008 Let's Frolik arose in 2004 from a 21st bday celebration, a house party in the legendary Laxfield Court in Hackney. Details of the night will remain unsaid - what happens at the party, stays at the party - but to give you a clue, formality was locked away in the cupboard (and has stayed there ever since!). Following the bender, it was decided to never host it again at home but it was promised that it would be bigger and better every year. It has since grown exponentially taking place in various clubs around London and Madrid and now arrives to take over the rising star of Shoreditch: The Horse & Groom. This year, Let's Frolik! is as special as it gets because we will be helping a dear friend Harry Jonas and Kabir Bavikatte, an Indian-Born Samurai. About two years ago Harry and Kabir joined forces to set up Natural Justice (NJ), a South African Non Governmental Organisation whose name and activity is based on the legal philosophy that people should be involved in the decisions that affect them. Their cause is important to us. Why? Because we all enjoy the privilege to decide what forgoes us in life and thus everyone else should have the same opportunity; Because NJ works with communities to deal with government decisions that will have an effect on their environment, and thus on their lives; Because Natural Justice protects the environment in harmony with local interests, and because it works to give indigenous people a VOICE at times when silence will result in them being ignored, their lands getting degraded and life becoming harsher: We invite you to get up, stand up, and Let´s Frolik! For Naural Justice! This year, the usual Reef crew teams up with La Influencia, LegoPops, Entropy, Out Of Reach Records and a very special guest, Deetron (Musicman / Intech), who will be flying in from Switzerland for the occasion. Get your dancing shoes and ballerina´s polished because you will be needing them to burn the dance floor one more time Deetron Over recent years, Sam Geiser aka Deetron has emerged as a rising star in the Techno world. His popularity as a Producer has flourished in tandem with his reputation as a dynamic three-deck DJ, and as the latter discipline propelled him across the globe, his work for a growing roster of record labels further cemented his position as a genuine talent within the International scene. His list of musical achievements stretch back to the early nineties – and on paper it makes for quite an impressive body of work. Born in Bern, Switzerland, music was a constant in the Geiser family home. Sam’s father’s activities as a jazz musician ensured that he was surrounded by music from a very early age, sewing the seeds of his own musical interests. But it was Hip-Hop that encouraged this to flourish into an active involvement in music, during his teens. Sam soaked-up the music of Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest and Prince Paul like a sponge and was quick to realise the role of the turntable within this context, taking up DJing in 1992. Early Hip-House producers, such as Todd Terry, also captured his attention and Sam began to make the transition to more 4/4 orientated sounds – picking up on the now classic output of Chicago and Detroit based electronic musicians and introducing this into the sets he was, by now, playing around his home town, and further a field in Switzerland. Things snowballed from there. Geiser’s production activity put him on the map, which in turn assisted the growth of his DJ profile. Possibly the most fruitful partnership of his career so far is that with Belgium’s Music Man label. Beginning with the ‘Dolls For a Diva’ 12" in 2001, and including several more 12"s and a superb mix CD that acts as ample testament to Sam’s skills behind the turntables. Deetron's debut full length Album"Twisted" released in October 2006 on the forementioned Music Man imprint has proved to be his biggest musical achievement to date. The release gained praise from press and key figures of different genres alike, ranging from Gilles Peterson to Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier, Osunlade and Âme. The first two singles taken from "Twisted" - "Isotope EP" and "The Afterlife" - instantly took off and are still on heavy rotation. 2007 saw the release of the singles "Life Soundtrack" and "I cling" which both have become anthems at clubs and festivals worldwide. Apart from a DJ-schedule as busy as never before, the release of the album also led to an increasing amount of remix requests which resulted in re-interpretations for Legowelt/Cocoon, Osunlade/Strictly Rhythm, Voom:Voom/G-Stone, Quarion/Drumpoet