Winston Giles Lovers Album Launch Listening Party

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    Winston Giles, Don Nadi, Audun
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  • Australian indie electronic artist Winston Giles has just completed a new album: “LOVERS”. The album is a collection of songs penned by Giles that are refreshingly honest and diverse. “LOVERS” has a brooding sexy feel, laced with an indie disco edge. Giles wears his musical influences on his sleeve, taking many of his cues from classic and contemporary artists like: LCD Soundsystem, Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, David Bowie and Hot Chip. The first single, “Harder And Faster” is a New York style sweaty disco rocker, with the bonus remix by Don Nadi, a dance-floor stomping assault! Other tracks: “Over And Out” and “Get My Demons Out” are slick and stylish, whilst “She Wants To Be Adored” and “High On A Feeling” are catchy, cool and chic. “LOVERS” stands as a fresh and memorable album from a stylish Australian artist. The album was produced by Giles and Don Nadi, and was nearly two years in the making, completed in September 2008. The tracks feature retro synths, eccentric grooves, slick guitars and heart-felt vocals both delicate and terse. Released on his own label Playup Music and distributed in Australia by MGM distribution, the new album “LOVERS” is another departure for Giles, and he plans to tour early in 2009. Friday, 14th November elsewhere hosts the Winston Giles LOVERS Album Launch Listening Party with Winston Giles, Don Nadi and resident, Audun.
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