Japan 4 feat Two Fresh

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    Lok, Beauty School Drop Out, Flex, Wish and Two Fresh
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  • Two Fresh is about two brothers - Jesse Desenberg (aka Kid Kenobi) and Myles Desenberg (aka Hugga Thugg) - finally deciding to get off their ass and write some music together. Two Fresh is about cassette tapes and mock radio shows, it's about being teenagers at early 90's raves, it's about explaining to people what techno was, what a rave was, it's about hip hop and New Jack Swing and realising there was more to music than rock and pop, it's about editing radio shows on a tape deck, it's about hearing 'The Power' by Snap for the first time, it's about wagging school to buy records, it's about falling asleep in the band rooms of their Dads gigs, it's about acid jazz, DJ Shadow, trip hop, big beat, jungle, drum and bass, breakdancing (at family dinners), DJing, clubs, raves, festivals, main rooms, side rooms, bars, beakbeat, house, reggae, techno, funk and finally it's about their own music. It's about taking it back to where it all began for it all comes back again. But most of all it's about the party. The fresh party.
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  • Japan 4 feat Two Fresh - Flyer front
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