Zoo with Bart Skils

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    Room1, Bart Skils(100% Pure), Tomoki Tamura(Tomoki&nono/Four:Twenty/saw), Toni C ( Wonky/Shameless) , Tomoki&nono LIVE(Four:Twenty/saw), Room2, DJ GO (mixologist), DJ DYSU(Open Sauce, Kiss Akabusi), KOTA(pulse), LOOKLEFT&BEARIGHT(pulse/eclectic relaxation)
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  • ZOO kicks of a regular monthly night at the iconic and recently relaunced Bar Rhumba in London's West End. Expect the best in quality underground house and techno with some minimal thrown in for good measure. Bart Skils(100% Pure),no need to introduce him at all.He is one of the best producer for house,techno at moment,His all release from 100% pure are always top 10 of Beatport chart.Specially track "Handsome" is one of the biggest tune for 2008.I am sure you have heard this at every where in the world. Also celebrate Tomoki&nono's Lark EP from Satoshi Tomiie's SAW and Toni C (Shameless) of head honcho of wonky. If you are not enough with only house&techno.we have deep underground Hip Hop,Funk,Soul at Room2.Go from UK's No1 mixologist,DJ DYSU is infamous as DJ Krush's opening Dj set in UK,also Pulse crew KOTA,LOOKLEFT&BEARIGHT. 21st Nov 2008 sat ZOO -Tomoki&nono'Lark EP(saw)'Release party- at Bar Rumba 36 Shaftesbury Avenue,London,W1D 7EP Tel: +44 (0) 207 287 6933 www.barrumba.co.uk 9pm-4am 8GBP b4 midnight/after 10GBP (Happy hour special 9pm-11pm house beer 2.50/Double vodka 3.80) Guest list contact [email protected] Room1 djs Bart skils(100% Pure) Tomoki Tamura(Tomoki&nono/Four:Twenty/saw) Toni C ( Wonky/Shameless) Live set Tomoki&nono(Four:Twenty/saw) Room2 djs DJ GO (mixologist) DJ DYSU(Open Sauce,Kiss Akabusi) KOTA(pulse) LOOKLEFT&BEARIGHT(pulse/eclectic relaxation)
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